Product Variation:

J64 Series Copper Alloy

Marsh Instruments Severe Service Liquid Filled Gauges are designed to perform in rugged and harsh environmental conditions, especially where pulsation or vibration is present. Liquid Filled Gauges offer a significant cushioning and dampening effect, reducing pointer flutter and lubricating the internals.

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Variations: J6405, J6405P, J6405PI, J6405E, J6405PE, J6405PIE, J6405L1, J6405PL1, J6405PIL1, J6405L2, J6405PL2, J6405PIL2, J6405L3, J6405PL3, J6405PIL3, J6405L4, J6405PL4, J6405PIL4, J6405W1, J6405PW1, J6405PIW1, J6405W2, J6405PW2, J6405PIW2, J6405W4, J6405PW4, J6405PIW4, J6410, J6410P, J6410PI, J6410E, J6410PE, J6410PIE, J6410L1, J6410PL1, J6410PIL1, J6410L2, J6410PL2, J6410PIL2, J6410L3, J6410PL3, J6410PIL3, J6410L4, J6410PL4, J6410PIL4, J6410W1, J6410PW1, J6410PIW1, J6410W2, J6410PW2, J6410PIW2, J6410W4, J6410PW4, J6410PIW4, J6412, J6412P, J6412PI, J6412E, J6412PE, J6412PIE, J6412L1, J6412PL1, J6412PIL1, J6412L2, J6412PL2, J6412PIL2, J6412L3, J6412PL3, J6412PIL3, J6412L4, J6412PL4, J6412PIL4, J6412W1, J6412PW1, J6412PIW1, J6412W2, J6412PW2, J6412PIW2, J6412W4, J6412PW4, J6412PIW4, J6414, J6414P, J6414PI, J6414E, J6414PE, J6414PIE, J6414L1, J6414PL1, J6414PIL1, J6414L2, J6414PL2, J6414PIL2, J6414L3, J6414PL3, J6414PIL3, J6414L4, J6414PL4, J6414PIL4, J6414W1, J6414PW1, J6414PIW1, J6414W2, J6414PW2, J6414PIW2, J6414W4, J6414PW4, J6414PIW4, J6416, J6416P, J6416PI, J6416E, J6416PE, J6416PIE, J6416L1, J6416PL1, J6416PIL1, J6416L2, J6416PL2, J6416PIL2, J6416L3, J6416PL3, J6416PIL3, J6416L4, J6416PL4, J6416PIL4, J6416W1, J6416PW1, J6416PIW1, J6416W2, J6416PW2, J6416PIW2, J6416W4, J6416PW4, J6416PIW4, J6416PIW4, J6420, J6420P, J6420PI, J6420E, J6420PE, J6420PIE, J6420L1, J6420PL1, J6420PIL1, J6420L2, J6420PL2, J6420PIL2, J6420L3, J6420PL3, J6420PIL3, J6420L4, J6420PL4, J6420PIL4, J6420W1, J6420PW1, J6420PIW1, J6420W2, J6420PW2, J6420PIW2, J6420W4, J6420PW4, J6420PIW4, J6424, J6424P, J6424PI, J6424E, J6424PE, J6424PIE, J6424L1, J6424PL1, J6424PIL1, J6424L2, J6424PL2, J6424PIL2, J6424L3, J6424PL3, J6424PIL3, J6424L4, J6424PL4, J6424PIL4, J6424W1, J6424PW1, J6424PIW1, J6424W2, J6424PW2, J6424PIW2, J6424W4, J6424PW4, J6424PIW4, J6426, J6426P, J6426PI, J6426E, J6426PE, J6426PIE, J6426L1, J6426PL1, J6426PIL1, J6426L2, J6426PL2, J6426PIL2, J6426L3, J6426PL3, J6426PIL3, J6426L4, J6426PL4, J6426PIL4, J6426W1, J6426PW1, J6426PIW1, J6426W2, J6426PW2, J6426PIW2, J6426W4, J6426PW4, J6426PIW4, J6440, J6440P, J6440PI, J6440E, J6440PE, J6440PIE, J6440L1, J6440PL1, J6440PIL1, J6440L2, J6440PL2, J6440PIL2, J6440L3, J6440PL3, J6440PIL3, J6440L4, J6440PL4, J6440PIL4, J6440W1, J6440PW1, J6440PIW1, J6440W2, J6440PW2, J6440PIW2, J6440W4, J6440PW4, J6440PIW4, J6442, J6442P, J6442PI, J6442E, J6442PE, J6442PIE, J6442L1, J6442PL1, J6442PIL1, J6442L2, J6442PL2, J6442PIL2, J6442L3, J6442PL3, J6442PIL3, J6442L4, J6442PL4, J6442PIL4, J6442W1, J6442PW1, J6442PIW1, J6442W2, J6442PW2, J6442PIW2, J6442W4, J6442PW4, J6442PIW4, J6446, J6446P, J6446PI, J6446E, J6446PE, J6446PIE, J6446L1, J6446PL1, J6446PIL1, J6446L2, J6446PL2, J6446PIL2, J6446L3, J6446PL3, J6446PIL3, J6446L4, J6446PL4, J6446PIL4, J6446W1, J6446PW1, J6446PIW1, J6446W2, J6446PW2, J6446PIW2, J6446W4, J6446PW4, J6446PIW4, J6448, J6448P, J6448PI, J6448E, J6448PE, J6448PIE, J6448L1, J6448PL1, J6448PIL1, J6448L2, J6448PL2, J6448PIL2, J6448L3, J6448PL3, J6448PIL3, J6448L4, J6448PL4, J6448PIL4, J6448W1, J6448PW1, J6448PIW1, J6448W2, J6448PW2, J6448PIW2, J6448W4, J6448PW4, J6448PIW4, J6452, J6452P, J6452PI, J6452E, J6452PE, J6452PIE, J6452L1, J6452PL1, J6452PIL1, J6452L2, J6452PL2, J6452PIL2, J6452L3, J6452PL3, J6452PIL3, J6452L4, J6452PL4, J6452PIL4, J6452W1, J6452PW1, J6452PIW1, J6452W2, J6452PW2, J6452PIW2, J6452W4, J6452PW4, J6452PIW4, J6454, J6454P, J6454PI, J6454E, J6454PE, J6454PIE, J6454L1, J6454PL1, J6454PIL1, J6454L2, J6454PL2, J6454PIL2, J6454L3, J6454PL3, J6454PIL3, J6454L4, J6454PL4, J6454PIL4, J6454W1, J6454PW1, J6454PIW1, J6454W2, J6454PW2, J6454PIW2, J6454W4, J6454PW4, J6454PIW4, J6458, J6458P, J6458PI, J6458E, J6458PE, J6458PIE, J6458L1, J6458PL1, J6458PIL1, J6458L2, J6458PL2, J6458PIL2, J6458L3, J6458PL3, J6458PIL3, J6458L4, J6458PL4, J6458PIL4, J6458W1, J6458PW1, J6458PIW1, J6458W2, J6458PW2, J6458PIW2, J6458W4, J6458PW4, J6458PIW4, J6460, J6460P, J6460PI, J6460E, J6460PE, J6460PIE, J6460L1, J6460PL1, J6460PIL1, J6460L2, J6460PL2, J6460PIL2, J6460L3, J6460PL3, J6460PIL3, J6460L4, J6460PL4, J6460PIL4, J6460W1, J6460PW1, J6460PIW1, J6460W2, J6460PW2, J6460PIW2, J6460W4, J6460PW4, J6460PIW4, J6464, J6464P, J6464PI, J6464E, J6464PE, J6464PIE, J6464L1, J6464PL1, J6464PIL1, J6464L2, J6464PL2, J6464PIL2, J6464L3, J6464PL3, J6464PIL3, J6464L4, J6464PL4, J6464PIL4, J6464W1, J6464PW1, J6464PIW1, J6464W2, J6464PW2, J6464PIW2, J6464W4, J6464PW4, J6464PIW4, J6472, J6472P, J6472PI, J6472E, J6472PE, J6472PIE, J6472L1, J6472PL1, J6472PIL1, J6472L2, J6472PL2, J6472PIL2, J6472L3, J6472PL3, J6472PIL3, J6472L4, J6472PL4, J6472PIL4, J6472W1, J6472PW1, J6472PIW1, J6472W2, J6472PW2, J6472PIW2, J6472W4, J6472PW4, J6472PIW4, J6474, J6474P, J6474PI, J6474E, J6474PE, J6474PIE, J6474L1, J6474PL1, J6474PIL1, J6474L2, J6474PL2, J6474PIL2, J6474L3, J6474PL3, J6474PIL3, J6474L4, J6474PL4, J6474PIL4, J6474W1, J6474PW1, J6474PIW1, J6474W2, J6474PW2, J6474PIW2, J6474W4, J6474PW4, J6474PIW4, J6476, J6476P, J6476PI, J6476E, J6476PE, J6476PIE, J6476L1, J6476PL1, J6476PIL1, J6476L2, J6476PL2, J6476PIL2, J6476L3, J6476PL3, J6476PIL3, J6476L4, J6476PL4, J6476PIL4, J6476W1, J6476PW1, J6476PIW1, J6476W2, J6476PW2, J6476PIW2, J6476W4, J6476PW4, J6476PIW4, J6478, J6478P, J6478PI, J6478E, J6478PE, J6478PIE, J6478L1, J6478PL1, J6478PIL1, J6478L2, J6478PL2, J6478PIL2, J6478L3, J6478PL3, J6478PIL3, J6478L4, J6478PL4, J6478PIL4, J6478W1, J6478PW1, J6478PIW1, J6478W2, J6478PW2, J6478PIW2, J6478W4, J6478PW4, J6478PIW4, J6482, J6482P, J6482PI, J6482E, J6482PE, J6482PIE, J6482L1, J6482PL1, J6482PIL1, J6482L2, J6482PL2, J6482PIL2, J6482L3, J6482PL3, J6482PIL3, J6482L4, J6482PL4, J6482PIL4, J6482W1, J6482PW1, J6482PIW1, J6482W2, J6482PW2, J6482PIW2, J6482W4, J6482PW4, J6482PIW4, J6484, J6484P, J6484PI, J6484E, J6484PE, J6484PIE, J6484L1, J6484PL1, J6484PIL1, J6484L2, J6484PL2, J6484PIL2, J6484L3, J6484PL3, J6484PIL3, J6484L4, J6484PL4, J6484PIL4, J6484W1, J6484PW1, J6484PIW1, J6484W2, J6484PW2, J6484PIW2, J6484W4, J6484PW4, J6484PIW4, J6490, J6490P, J6490PI, J6490E, J6490PE, J6490PIE, J6490L1, J6490PL1, J6490PIL1, J6490L2, J6490PL2, J6490PIL2, J6490L3, J6490PL3, J6490PIL3, J6490L4, J6490PL4, J6490PIL4, J6490W1, J6490PW1, J6490PIW1, J6490W2, J6490PW2, J6490PIW2, J6490W4, J6490PW4, J6490PIW4




  • Liquid Filled for Dampening Effect
  • Weatherproof/Hermetically Sealed
  • Heavy Duty 1 Piece Socket Design


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Oil & Gas

Additional information

Spec accuracy

3/2/3% (ASME Grade B)


304 Stainless Steel – Fixed


1/4" NPT


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted


Center Back Mount

Vent plug

Filler/Pressure Relief Plug


3/2/3% (ASME Grade B)


Filled, Fillable – Severe Service


J64 Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size


Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 10,000 psi


Stainless Steel

Standard case fill

Glycerine, Silicone, Dry





Dial sizes


Ambient temperature

Dry: -40 to 180F, Glycerine: 30 to 160F, Silicone: -40 to 180F

Internal material

Copper Alloy

Tube socket

Copper Alloy

Standard scale

Dual Scale psi/kpa


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