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“We are always at your service in an endeavor to assist you in solving your problems and welcome the opportunity of co-operating with you.”

Jas. P. Marsh & Company catalog, 1930

It’s a simple quote, phrased in the formal language of the early part of the previous century. But its meaning is a powerful one: our engineers work with yours to arrive at custom solutions to your problems. It was revolutionary back then (to some, it still is even now). For Marsh, it’s simply how we do business. We were pioneers of engineer-to-engineer support from the beginning.

Our sales and application engineers are trained to help you design and select the right instrument for your application. We collaborate with your team and assist in the design and creation of the ideal instrument for your needs.

In addition to custom solutions, we have the widest selection of off-the-shelf gauge and measurement products you’ll find anywhere. But where other companies struggle when a consultative approach is required, it is built into our DNA.

The benefit to customers is a supplier that understands their challenges and needs from the inside, instead of the outside looking in. This inherent feel for applications—how instruments need to perform in the field, where it matters most—is how Marsh’s engineer-to-engineer experience pays dividends for our customers—even if they are buying off the shelf.

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