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J Series Center Back Mount

The General Service Steel Case Gauge from Marsh Instruments is a family of cost-effective, general purpose instruments designed for reliable pressure measurements. Suitable for use with water, oil, air, gas or other noncorrosive media from vacuum/compound through 5,000 psi.

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Variations: J0605E, J0605L1, J0605L2, J0605L3, J0605L4, J0605W1, J0605W2, J0605W4, J0610, J0610E, J0610L1, J0610L2, J0610L3, J0610L4, J0610W1, J0610W2, J0610W4, J0612, J0612E, J0612L1, J0612L2, J0612L3, J0612L4, J0612W1, J0612W2, J0612W4, J0614, J0614E, J0614L1, J0614L2, J0614L3, J0614L4, J0614W1, J0614W2, J0614W4, J0616, J0616E, J0616L1, J0616L2, J0616L3, J0616L4, J0616W1, J0616W2, J0616W4, J0618, J0618E, J0618L1, J0618L2, J0618L3, J0618L4, J0618W1, J0618W2, J0618W4, J0620, J0620E, J0620L1, J0620L2, J0620L3, J0620L4, J0620W1, J0620W2, J0620W4, J0624, J0624E, J0624L1, J0624L2, J0624L3, J0624L4, J0624W1, J0624W2, J0624W4, J0640, J0640E, J0640L1, J0640L2, J0640L3, J0640L4, J0640W1, J0640W2, J0640W4, J0642, J0642E, J0642L1, J0642L2, J0642L3, J0642L4, J0642W1, J0642W2, J0642W4, J0646, J0646E, J0646L1, J0646L2, J0646L3, J0646L4, J0646W1, J0646W2, J0646W4, J0648, J0648E, J0648L1, J0648L2, J0648L3, J0648L4, J0648W1, J0648W2, J0648W4, J0652, J0652E, J0652L1, J0652L2, J0652L3, J0652L4, J0652W1, J0652W2, J0652W4, J0654, J0654E, J0654L1, J0654L2, J0654L3, J0654L4, J0654W1, J0654W2, J0654W4, J0658, J0658E, J0658L1, J0658L2, J0658L3, J0658L4, J0658W1, J0658W2, J0658W4, J0660, J0660E, J0660L1, J0660L2, J0660L3, J0660L4, J0660W1, J0660W2, J0660W4, J0664, J0664E, J0664L1, J0664L2, J0664L3, J0664L4, J0664W1, J0664W2, J0664W4, J0672, J0672E, J0672L1, J0672L2, J0672L3, J0672L4, J0672W1, J0672W2, J0672W4, J0674, J0674E, J0674L1, J0674L2, J0674L3, J0674L4, J0674W1, J0674W2, J0674W4, J0676, J0676E, J0676L1, J0676L2, J0676L3, J0676L4, J0676W1, J0676W2, J0676W4, J0678, J0678E, J0678L1, J0678L2, J0678L3, J0678L4, J0678W1, J0678W2, J0678W4, J0682, J0682E, J0682L1, J0682L2, J0682L3, J0682L4, J0682W1, J0682W2, J0682W4, J1805, J1805E, J1805L1, J1805L2, J1805L3, J1805L4, J1805W1, J1805W2, J1805W4, J1810, J1810E, J1810L1, J1810L2, J1810L3, J1810L4, J1810W1, J1810W2, J1810W4, J1812, J1812E, J1812L1, J1812L2, J1812L3, J1812L4, J1812W1, J1812W2, J1812W4, J1814, J1814E, J1814L1, J1814L2, J1814L3, J1814L4, J1814W1, J1814W2, J1814W4, J1816, J1816E, J1816L1, J1816L2, J1816L3, J1816L4, J1816W1, J1816W2, J1816W4, J1818, J1818E, J1818L1, J1818L2, J1818L3, J1818L4, J1818W1, J1818W2, J1818W4, J1820, J1820E, J1820L1, J1820L2, J1820L3, J1820L4, J1820W1, J1820W2, J1820W4, J1824, J1824E, J1824L1, J1824L2, J1824L3, J1824L4, J1824W1, J1824W2, J1824W4, J1826, J1826E, J1826L1, J1826L2, J1826L3, J1826L4, J1826W1, J1826W2, J1826W4, J1840, J1840E, J1840L1, J1840L2, J1840L3, J1840L4, J1840W1, J1840W2, J1840W4, J1842, J1842E, J1842L1, J1842L2, J1842L3, J1842L4, J1842W1, J1842W2, J1842W4, J1846, J1846E, J1846L1, J1846L2, J1846L3, J1846L4, J1846W1, J1846W2, J1846W4, J1848, J1848E, J1848L1, J1848L2, J1848L3, J1848L4, J1848W1, J1848W2, J1848W4, J1852, J1852E, J1852L1, J1852L2, J1852L3, J1852L4, J1852W1, J1852W2, J1852W4, J1854, J1854E, J1854L1, J1854L2, J1854L3, J1854L4, J1854W1, J1854W2, J1854W4, J1858, J1858E, J1858L1, J1858L2, J1858L3, J1858L4, J1858W1, J1858W2, J1858W4, J1860, J1860E, J1860L1, J1860L2, J1860L3, J1860L4, J1860W1, J1860W2, J1860W4, J1864, J1864E, J1864L1, J1864L2, J1864L3, J1864L4, J1864W1, J1864W2, J1864W4, J1872, J1872E, J1872L1, J1872L2, J1872L3, J1872L4, J1872W1, J1872W2, J1872W4, J1874, J1874E, J1874L1, J1874L2, J1874L3, J1874L4, J1874W1, J1874W2, J1874W4, J1876, J1876E, J1876L1, J1876L2, J1876L3, J1876L4, J1876W1, J1876W2, J1876W4, J1878, J1878E, J1878L1, J1878L2, J1878L3, J1878L4, J1878W1, J1878W2, J1878W4, J1882, J1882E, J1882L1, J1882L2, J1882L3, J1882L4, J1882W1, J1882W2, J1882W4, J2005, J2005E, J2005L1, J2005L2, J2005L3, J2005L4, J2005W1, J2005W2, J2005W4, J2010, J2010E, J2010L1, J2010L2, J2010L3, J2010L4, J2010W1, J2010W2, J2010W4, J2012, J2012E, J2012L1, J2012L2, J2012L3, J2012L4, J2012W1, J2012W2, J2012W4, J2014, J2014E, J2014L1, J2014L2, J2014L3, J2014L4, J2014W1, J2014W2, J2014W4, J2016, J2016E, J2016L1, J2016L2, J2016L3, J2016L4, J2016W1, J2016W2, J2016W4, J2018, J2018E, J2018L1, J2018L2, J2018L3, J2018L4, J2018W1, J2018W2, J2018W4, J2020, J2020E, J2020L1, J2020L2, J2020L3, J2020L4, J2020W1, J2020W2, J2020W4, J2024, J2024E, J2024L1, J2024L2, J2024L3, J2024L4, J2024W1, J2024W2, J2024W4, J2026, J2026E, J2026L1, J2026L2, J2026L3, J2026L4, J2026W1, J2026W2, J2026W4, J2040, J2040E, J2040L1, J2040L2, J2040L3, J2040L4, J2040W1, J2040W2, J2040W4, J2042, J2042E, J2042L1, J2042L2, J2042L3, J2042L4, J2042W1, J2042W2, J2042W4, J2046, J2046E, J2046L1, J2046L2, J2046L3, J2046L4, J2046W1, J2046W2, J2046W4, J2048, J2048E, J2048L1, J2048L2, J2048L3, J2048L4, J2048W1, J2048W2, J2048W4, J2052, J2052E, J2052L1, J2052L2, J2052L3, J2052L4, J2052W1, J2052W2, J2052W4, J2054, J2054E, J2054L1, J2054L2, J2054L3, J2054L4, J2054W1, J2054W2, J2054W4, J2058, J2058E, J2058L1, J2058L2, J2058L3, J2058L4, J2058W1, J2058W2, J2058W4, J2060, J2060E, J2060L1, J2060L2, J2060L3, J2060L4, J2060W1, J2060W2, J2060W4, J2064, J2064E, J2064L1, J2064L2, J2064L3, J2064L4, J2064W1, J2064W2, J2064W4, J2072, J2072E, J2072L1, J2072L2, J2072L3, J2072L4, J2072W1, J2072W2, J2072W4, J2074, J2074E, J2074L1, J2074L2, J2074L3, J2074L4, J2074W1, J2074W2, J2074W4, J2076, J2076E, J2076L1, J2076L2, J2076L3, J2076L4, J2076W1, J2076W2, J2076W4, J2078, J2078E, J2078L1, J2078L2, J2078L3, J2078L4, J2078W1, J2078W2, J2078W4, J2082, J2082E, J2082L1, J2082L2, J2082L3, J2082L4, J2082W1, J2082W2, J2082W4, J5005, J5005E, J5005L1, J5005L2, J5005L3, J5005L4, J5005W1, J5005W2, J5005W4, J5010, J5010E, J5010L1, J5010L2, J5010L3, J5010L4, J5010W1, J5010W2, J5010W4, J5012, J5012E, J5012L1, J5012L2, J5012L3, J5012L4, J5012W1, J5012W2, J5012W4, J5014, J5014E, J5014L1, J5014L2, J5014L3, J5014L4, J5014W1, J5014W2, J5014W4, J5016, J5016E, J5016L1, J5016L2, J5016L3, J5016L4, J5016W1, J5016W2, J5016W4, J5018, J5018E, J5018L1, J5018L2, J5018L3, J5018L4, J5018W1, J5018W2, J5018W4, J5020, J5020E, J5020L1, J5020L2, J5020L3, J5020L4, J5020W1, J5020W2, J5020W4, J5024, J5024E, J5024L1, J5024L2, J5024L3, J5024L4, J5024W1, J5024W2, J5024W4, J5026, J5026E, J5026L1, J5026L2, J5026L3, J5026L4, J5026W1, J5026W2, J5026W4, J5042, J5042E, J5042L1, J5042L2, J5042L3, J5042L4, J5042W1, J5042W2, J5042W4, J5046, J5046E, J5046L1, J5046L2, J5046L3, J5046L4, J5046W1, J5046W2, J5046W4, J5048, J5048E, J5048L1, J5048L2, J5048L3, J5048L4, J5048W1, J5048W2, J5048W4, J5052, J5052E, J5052L1, J5052L2, J5052L3, J5052L4, J5052W1, J5052W2, J5052W4, J5054, J5054E, J5054L1, J5054L2, J5054L3, J5054L4, J5054W1, J5054W2, J5054W4, J5058, J5058E, J5058L1, J5058L2, J5058L3, J5058L4, J5058W1, J5058W2, J5058W4, J5060, J5060E, J5060L1, J5060L2, J5060L3, J5060L4, J5060W1, J5060W2, J5060W4, J5064, J5064E, J5064L1, J5064L2, J5064L3, J5064L4, J5064W1, J5064W2, J5064W4, J5072, J5072E, J5072L1, J5072L2, J5072L3, J5072L4, J5072W1, J5072W2, J5072W4, J5074, J5074E, J5074L1, J5074L2, J5074L3, J5074L4, J5074W1, J5074W2, J5074W4, J5076, J5076E, J5076L1, J5076L2, J5076L3, J5076L4, J5076W1, J5076W2, J5076W4, J5078, J5078E, J5078L1, J5078L2, J5078L3, J5078L4, J5078W1, J5078W2, J5078W4, J5082, J5082E, J5082L1, J5082L2, J5082L3, J5082L4, J5082W1, J5082W2, J5082W4, J5405, J5405E, J5405L1, J5405L2, J5405L3, J5405L4, J5405W1, J5405W2, J5405W4, J5410, J5410E, J5410L1, J5410L2, J5410L3, J5410L4, J5410W1, J5410W2, J5410W4, J5412, J5412E, J5412L1, J5412L2, J5412L3, J5412L4, J5412W1, J5412W2, J5412W4, J5414, J5414E, J5414L1, J5414L2, J5414L3, J5414L4, J5414W1, J5414W2, J5414W4, J5416, J5416E, J5416L1, J5416L2, J5416L3, J5416L4, J5416W1, J5416W2, J5416W4, J5418, J5418E, J5418L1, J5418L2, J5418L3, J5418L4, J5418W1, J5418W2, J5418W4, J5420, J5420E, J5420L1, J5420L2, J5420L3, J5420L4, J5420W1, J5420W2, J5420W4, J5424, J5424E, J5424L1, J5424L2, J5424L3, J5424L4, J5424W1, J5424W2, J5424W4, J5426, J5426E, J5426L1, J5426L2, J5426L3, J5426L4, J5426W1, J5426W2, J5426W4, J5440, J5440E, J5440L1, J5440L2, J5440L3, J5440L4, J5440W1, J5440W2, J5440W4, J5442, J5442E, J5442L1, J5442L2, J5442L3, J5442L4, J5442W1, J5442W2, J5442W4, J5446, J5446E, J5446L1, J5446L2, J5446L3, J5446L4, J5446W1, J5446W2, J5446W4, J5448, J5448E, J5448L1, J5448L2, J5448L3, J5448L4, J5448W1, J5448W2, J5448W4, J5452, J5452E, J5452L1, J5452L2, J5452L3, J5452L4, J5452W1, J5452W2, J5452W4, J5454, J5454E, J5454L1, J5454L2, J5454L3, J5454L4, J5454W1, J5454W2, J5454W4, J5458, J5458E, J5458L1, J5458L2, J5458L3, J5458L4, J5458W1, J5458W2, J5458W4, J5460, J5460E, J5460L1, J5460L2, J5460L3, J5460L4, J5460W1, J5460W2, J5460W4, J5464, J5464E, J5464L1, J5464L2, J5464L3, J5464L4, J5464W1, J5464W2, J5464W4, J5472, J5472E, J5472L1, J5472L2, J5472L3, J5472L4, J5472W1, J5472W2, J5472W4, J5474, J5474E, J5474L1, J5474L2, J5474L3, J5474L4, J5474W1, J5474W2, J5474W4, J5476, J5476E, J5476L1, J5476L2, J5476L3, J5476L4, J5476W1, J5476W2, J5476W4, J5478, J5478E, J5478L1, J5478L2, J5478L3, J5478L4, J5478W1, J5478W2, J5478W4, J5482, J5482E, J5482L1, J5482L2, J5482L3, J5482L4, J5482W1, J5482W2, J5482W4, J8605, J8605E, J8605L1, J8605L2, J8605L3, J8605L4, J8605W1, J8605W2, J8605W4, J8610, J8610E, J8610L1, J8610L2, J8610L3, J8610L4, J8610W1, J8610W2, J8610W4, J8612, J8612E, J8612L1, J8612L2, J8612L3, J8612L4, J8612W1, J8612W2, J8612W4, J8614, J8614E, J8614L1, J8614L2, J8614L3, J8614L4, J8614W1, J8614W2, J8614W4, J8616, J8616E, J8616L1, J8616L2, J8616L3, J8616L4, J8616W1, J8616W2, J8616W4, J8618, J8618E, J8618L1, J8618L2, J8618L3, J8618L4, J8618W1, J8618W2, J8618W4, J8620, J8620E, J8620L1, J8620L2, J8620L3, J8620L4, J8620W1, J8620W2, J8620W4, J8624, J8624E, J8624L1, J8624L2, J8624L3, J8624L4, J8624W1, J8624W2, J8624W4, J8626, J8626E, J8626L1, J8626L2, J8626L3, J8626L4, J8626W1, J8626W2, J8626W4, J8640, J8640E, J8640L1, J8640L2, J8640L3, J8640L4, J8640W1, J8640W2, J8640W4, J8642, J8642E, J8642L1, J8642L2, J8642L3, J8642L4, J8642W1, J8642W2, J8642W4, J8646, J8646E, J8646L1, J8646L2, J8646L3, J8646L4, J8646W1, J8646W2, J8646W4, J8648, J8648E, J8648L1, J8648L2, J8648L3, J8648L4, J8648W1, J8648W2, J8648W4, J8652, J8652E, J8652L1, J8652L2, J8652L3, J8652L4, J8652W1, J8652W2, J8652W4, J8654, J8654E, J8654L1, J8654L2, J8654L3, J8654L4, J8654W1, J8654W2, J8654W4, J8658, J8658E, J8658L1, J8658L2, J8658L3, J8658L4, J8658W1, J8658W2, J8658W4, J8660, J8660E, J8660L1, J8660L2, J8660L3, J8660L4, J8660W1, J8660W2, J8660W4, J8664, J8664E, J8664L1, J8664L2, J8664L3, J8664L4, J8664W1, J8664W2, J8664W4, J8672, J8672E, J8672L1, J8672L2, J8672L3, J8672L4, J8672W1, J8672W2, J8672W4, J8674, J8674E, J8674L1, J8674L2, J8674L3, J8674L4, J8674W1, J8674W2, J8674W4, J8676, J8676E, J8676L1, J8676L2, J8676L3, J8676L4, J8676W1, J8676W2, J8676W4, J8678, J8678E, J8678L1, J8678L2, J8678L3, J8678L4, J8678W1, J8678W2, J8678W4, J8682, J8682E, J8682L1, J8682L2, J8682L3, J8682L4, J8682W1, J8682W2, J8682W4, J0605




  • Superb quality, economical price
  • Pressure ranges to 5,000 psi

Additional information

Spec accuracy

/- 3/2/3% (ASME Grade B)


Twist Lock Lens


1/8" or 1/4" NPT


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted


Center Back Mount

Vent plug



/- 3/2/3% (ASME Grade B)


Dry non-fillable / General Service


J Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size

1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5"

Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 5,000 psi


Steel, Black Painted

Standard case fill

Dry, Non-Fillable


1.5"-3.5" Twist-On Acrylic, 4.5" Flat Plastic



Dial sizes

1.5, 2", 2.5", 3.5"

Ambient temperature

'-40 to 160F

Internal material

Copper Alloy

Tube socket

Copper Alloy

Standard scale

psi/kPa, dual scale


see variation page