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H207/209 Series

Marsh Instruments Severe Service Liquid Filled Gauges are designed to perform in rugged and harsh environmental conditions, especially where pulsation or vibration is a problem. Liquid Filled Gauges offer a significant cushioning and dampening effect, reducing flutter and lubricating the internals.
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Variations: H20705, H20705P, H20705PI, H20705E, H20705PE, H20705PIE, H20705L1, H20705PL1, H20705PIL1, H20705L2, H20705PL2, H20705PIL2, H20705L3, H20705PL3, H20705PIL3, H20705L4, H20705PL4, H20705PIL4, H20705W1, H20705PW1, H20705PIW1, H20705W2, H20705PW2, H20705PIW2, H20705W4, H20705PW4, H20705PIW4, H20740, H20740P, H20740PI, H20740E, H20740PE, H20740PIE, H20740L1, H20740PL1, H20740PIL1, H20740L2, H20740PL2, H20740PIL2, H20740L3, H20740PL3, H20740PIL3, H20740L4, H20740PL4, H20740PIL4, H20740W1, H20740PW1, H20740PIW1, H20740W2, H20740PW2, H20740PIW2, H20740W4, H20740PW4, H20740PIW4, H20742, H20742P, H20742PI, H20742E, H20742PE, H20742PIE, H20742L1, H20742PL1, H20742PIL1, H20742L2, H20742PL2, H20742PIL2, H20742L3, H20742PL3, H20742PIL3, H20742L4, H20742PL4, H20752PIL4, H20742W1, H20742PW1, H20742PIW1, H20742W2, H20742PW2, H20742PIW2, H20742W4, H20742PW4, H20742PIW4, H20746, H20746P, H20746PI, H20746E, H20746PE, H20746PIE, H20746L1, H20746PL1, H20746PIL1, H20746L2, H20746PL2, H20746PIL2, H20746L3, H20746PL3, H20746PIL3, H20746L4, H20746PL4, H20746PIL4, H20746W1, H20746PW1, H20746PIW1, H20746W2, H20746PW2, H20746PIW2, H20746W4, H20746PW4, H20746PIW4, H20748, H20748P, H20748PI, H20748E, H20748PE, H20748PIE, H20748L1, H20748PL1, H20748PIL1, H20748L2, H20748PL2, H20748PIL2, H20748L3, H20748PL3, H20748PIL3, H20748L4, H20748PL4, H20748PIL4, H20748W1, H20748PW1, H20748PIW1, H20748W2, H20748PW2, H20748PIW2, H20748W4, H20748PW4, H20748PIW4, H20752, H20752P, H20752PI, H20752E, H20752PE, H20752PIE, H20752L1, H20752PL1, H20752PIL1, H20752L2, H20752PL2, H20752PIL2, H20752L3, H20752PL3, H20752PIL3, H20752L4, H20752PL4, H20752PIL4, H20752W1, H20752PW1, H20752PIW1, H20752W2, H20752PW2, H20752PIW2, H20752W4, H20752PW4, H20752PIW4, H20754, H20754P, H20754PI, H20754E, H20754PE, H20754PIE, H20754L1, H20754PL1, H20754PIL1, H20754L2, H20754PL2, H20754PIL2, H20754L3, H20754PL3, H20754PIL3, H20754L4, H20754PL4, H20754PIL4, H20754W1, H20754PW1, H20754PIW1, H20754W2, H20754PW2, H20754PIW2, H20754W4, H20754PW4, H20754PIW4, H20758, H20758P, H20758PI, H20758E, H20758PE, H20758PIE, H20758L1, H20758PL1, H20758PIL1, H20758L2, H20758PL2, H20758PIL2, H20758L3, H20758PL3, H20758PIL3, H20758L4, H20758PL4, H20758PIL4, H20758W1, H20758PW1, H20758PIW1, H20758W2, H20758PW2, H20758PIW2, H20758W4, H20758PW4, H20758PIW4, H20760, H20760P, H20760PI, H20760E, H20760PE, H20760PIE, H20760L1, H20760PL1, H20760PIL1, H20760L2, H20760PL2, H20760PIL2, H20760L3, H20760PL3, H20760PIL3, H20760L4, H20760PL4, H20760PIL4, H20760W1, H20760PW1, H20760PIW1, H20760W2, H20760PW2, H20760PIW2, H20760W4, H20760PW$, H20760PIW4, H20764, H20764P, H20764PI, H20764E, H20764PE, H20764PIE, H20764L1, H20764PL1, H20764PIL1, H20764L2, H20764PL2, H20764PIL2, H20764L3, H20764PL3, H20764PIL3, H20764L4, H20764PL4, H20764PIL4, H20764W1, H20764PW1, H20764PIW1, H20764W2, H20764PW2, H20764PIW2, H20764W4, H20764PW4, H20764PIW4, H20772, H20772P, H20772PI, H20772E, H20772PE, H20772PIE, H20772L1, H20772PL1, H20772PIL1, H20772L2, H20772PL2, H20772PIL2, H20772L3, H20772PL3, H20772PIL3, H20772L4, H20772PL4, H20772PIL4, H20772W1, H20772PW1, H20772PIW1, H20772W2, H20772PW2, H20772PIW2, H20772W4, H20772PW4, H20772PIW4, H20774, H20774P, H20774PI, H20774E, H20774PE, H20774PIE, H20774L1, H20774PL1, H20774PIL1, H20774L2, H20774PL2, H20774PIL2, H20774L3, H20774PL3, H20774PIL3, H20774L4, H20774PL4, H20774PIL4, H20774W1, H20774PW1, H20774PIW1, H20774W2, H20774PW2, H20774PIW2, H20774W4, H20774PW4, H20774PIW4, H20776, H20776P, H20776PI, H20776E, H20776PE, H20776PIE, H20776L1, H20776PL1, H20776PIL1, H20776L2, H20776PL2, H20776PIL2, H20776L3, H20776PL3, H20776PIL3, H20776L4, H20776PL4, H20776PIL4, H20776W1, H20776PW1, H20776PIW1, H20776W2, H20776PW2, H20776PIW2, H20776W4, H20776PW4, H20776PIW4, H20778, H20778P, H20778PI, H20778E, H20778PE, H20778PI, H20778L1, H20778PL1, H20778PIL1, H20778L2, H20778PL2, H20778PIL2, H20778L3, H20778PL3, H20778PIL3, H20778L4, H20778PL4, H20778PIL4, H20778W1, H20778PW1, H20778PIW1, H20778W2, H20778PW2, H20778PIW2, H20778W4, H20778PW4, H20778PIW4, H20782, H20782P, H20782PI, H20782E, H20782PE, H20782PIE, H20782L1, H20782PL1, H20782PIL1, H20782L2, H20782PL2, H20782PIL2, H20782L3, H20782PL3, H20782PIL3, H20782L4, H20782PL4, H20782PIL4, H20782W1, H20782PW1, H20782PIW1, H20782W2, H20782PW2, H20782PIW2, H20782W4, H20782PW4, H20782PIW4, H20790, H20790P, H20790PI, H20790E, H20790PE, H20790PIE, H20790L1, H20790PL1, H20790PIL1, H20790L2, H20790PL2, H20790PIL2, H20790L3, H20790PL3, H20790PIL3, H20790L4, H20790PL4, H20790PIL4, H20790W1, H20790PW1, H20790PIW1, H20790W2, H20790PW2, H20790PIW2, H20790W4, H20790PW4, H20790PIW4, H20792, H20792P, H20792PI, H20792E, H20792PE, H20792PIE, H20792L1, H20792PL1, H20792PIL1, H20792L2, H20792PL2, H20792PIL2, H20792L3, H20792PL3, H20792PIL3, H20792L4, H20792PL4, H20792PIL4, H20792W1, H20792PW1, H20792PIW1, H20792W2, H20792PW2, H20792PIW2, H20792W4, H20792PW4, H20792PIW4, H20794, H20794P, H20794PI, H20794E, H20794PE, H20794PIE, H20794L1, H20794PL1, H20794PIL1, H20794L2, H20794PL2, H20794PIL2, H20794L3, H20794PL3, H20794PIL3, H20794L4, H20794PL4, H20794PIL4, H20794W1, H20794PW1, H20794PIW1, H20794W2, H20794PW2, H20794PIW2, H20794W4, H20794PW4, H20794PIW4, H20905, H20905P, H20905PI, H20905E, H20905PE, H20905PIE, H20905L1, H20905PL1, H20905PIL1, H20905L2, H20905PL2, H20905PIL2, H20905L3, H20905PL3, H20905PIL3, H20905L4, H20905PL4, H20905PIL4, H20905W1, H20905PW1, H20905PIW1, H20905W2, H20905PW2, H20905PIW2, H20905W4, H20905PW4, H20905PIW4, H20940, H20940P, H20940PI, H20940E, H20940PE, H20940PIE, H20940L1, H20940PL1, H20940PIL1, H20940L2, H20940PL2, H20940PIL2, H20940L3, H20940PL3, H20940PIL3, H20940L4, H20940PL4, H20940PIL4, H20940W1, H20940PW1, H20940PIW1, H20940W2, H20940PW2, H20940PIW2, H20940W4, H20940PW4, H20940PIW4, H20942, H20942P, H20942PI, H20942E, H20942PE, H20942PIE, H20942L1, H20942PL1, H20942PIL1, H20942L2, H20942PL2, H20942PIL2, H20942L3, H20942PL3, H20942PIL3, H20942L4, H20942PL4, H20942PIL4, H20942W1, H20942PW1, H20942PIW1, H20942W2, H20942PW2, H20942PIW2, H20942W4, H20942PW4, H20942PIW4, H20946, H20946P, H20946PI, H20946E, H20946PE, H20946PIE, H20946L1, H20946PL1, H20946PIL1, H20946L2, H20946PL2, H20946PIL2, H20946L3, H20946PL3, H20946PIL3, H20946L4, H20946PL4, H20946PIL4, H20946W1, H20946PW1, H20946PIW1, H20946W2, H20946PW2, H20946PIW2, H20946W4, H20946PW4, H20946PIW4, H20948, H20948P, H20948PI, H20948E, H20948PE, H20948PIE, H20948L1, H20948PL1, H20948PIL1, H20948L2, H20948PL2, H20948PIL2, H20948L3, H20948PL3, H20948PIL3, H20948L4, H20948PL4, H20948PIL4, H20948W1, H20948PW1, H20948PIW1, H20948W2, H20948PW2, H20948PIW2, H20948W4, H20948PW4, H20948PIW4, H20952, H20952P, H20952PI, H20952E, H20952PE, H20952PIE, H20952L1, H20952PL1, H20952PIL1, H20952L2, H20952PL2, H20952PIL2, H20952L3, H20952PL3, H20952PIL3, H20952L4, H20952PL4, H20952PIL4, H20952W1, H20952PW1, H20952PIW1, H20952W2, H20952PW2, H20952PIW2, H20952W4, H20952PW4, H20952PIW4, H20954, H20954P, H20954PI, H20954E, H20954PE, H20954PIE, H20954L1, H20954PL1, H20954PIL1, H20954L2, H20954PL2, H20954PIL2, H20954L3, H20954PL3, H20954PIL3, H20954L4, H20954PL4, H20954PIL4, H20954W1, H20954PW1, H20954PIW1, H20954W2, H20954PW2, H20954PIW2, H20954W4, H20954PW4, H20954PIW4, H20958, H20958P, H20958PI, H20958E, H20958PE, H20958PIE, H20958L1, H20958PL1, H20958PIL1, H20958L2, H20958PL2, H20958PIL2, H20958L3, H20958PL3, H20958PIL3, H20958L4, H20958PL4, H20958PIL4, H20958W1, H20958PW1, H20958PIW1, H20958W2, H20958PW2, H20958PIW2, H20958W4, H20958PW4, H20958PIW4, H20960, H20960P, H20960PI, H20960E, H20960PE, H20960PIE, H20960L1, H20960PL1, H20960PIL1, H20960L2, H20960PL2, H20960PIL2, H20960L3, H20960PL3, H20960PIL3, H20960L4, H20960PL4, H20960PIL4, H20960W1, H20960PW1, H20960PIW1, H20960W2, H20960PW2, H20960PIW2, H20960W4, H20960PW4, H20960PIW4, H20964, H20964P, H20964PI, H20964E, H20964PE, H20964PIE, H20964L1, H20964PL1, H20964PIL1, H20964L2, H20964PL2, H20964PIL2, H20964L3, H20964PL3, H20964PIL3, H20964L4, H20964PL4, H20964PIL4, H20964W1, H20964PW1, H20964PIW1, H20964W2, H20964PW2, H20964PIW2, H20964W4, H20964PW4, H20964PIW4, H20972, H20972P, H20972PI, H20972E, H20972PE, H20972PIE, H20972L1, H20972PL1, H20972PIL1, H20972L2, H20972PL2, H20972PIL2, H20972L3, H20972PL3, H20972PIL3, H20972L4, H20972PL4, H20972PIL4, H20972W1, H20972PW1, H20972PIW1, H20972W2, H20972PW2, H20972PIW2, H20972W4, H20972PW4, H20972PIW4, H20974, H20974P, H20974PI, H20974E, H20974PE, H20974PIE, H20974L1, H20974PL1, H20974PIL1, H20974L2, H20974PL2, H20974PIL2, H20974L3, H20974PL3, H20974PIL3, H20974L4, H20974PL4, H20974PIL4, H20974W1, H20974PW1, H20974PIW1, H20974W2, H20974PW2, H20974PIW2, H20974W4, H20974PW4, H20974PIE4, H20976, H20976P, H20976PI, H20976E, H20976PE, H20976PIE, H20976L1, H20976PL1, H20976PIL1, H20976L2, H20976PL2, H20976PIL2, H20976L3, H20976PL3, H20976PIL3, H20976L4, H20976PL4, H20976PIL4, H20976W1, H20976PW1, H20976PIW1, H20976W2, H20976PW2, H20976PIW2, H20976W4, H20976PW4, H20976PIW4, H20978, H20978P, H20978PI, H20978E, H20978PE, H20978PIE, H20978L1, H20978PL1, H20978PIL1, H20978L2, H20978PL2, H20978PIL2, H20978L3, H20978PL3, H20978PIL3, H20978L4, H20978PL4, H20978PIL4, H20978W1, H20978PW1, H20978PIW1, H20978W2, H20978PW2, H20978PIW2, H20978W4, H20978PW4, H20978PIW4, H20982, H20982P, H20982PI, H20982E, H20982PE, H20982PIE, H20982L1, H20982PL1, H20982PIL1, H20982L2, H20982PL2, H20982PIL2, H20982L3, H20982PL3, H20982PIL3, H20982L4, H20982PL4, H20982PIL4, H29082W1, H20982PW1, H20982PIW1, H20982W2, H29082PW2, H20982PIW2, H20982W4, H20982PW4, H20982PIW4, H20990, H20990P, H20990PI, H20990E, H20990PE, H20990PIE, H20990L1, H20990PL1, H20990PIL1, H20990L2, H20990PL2, H20990PIL2, H20990L3, H20990PL3, H20990PIL3, H20990L4, H20990PL4, H20990PIL4, H20990W1, H20990PW1, H20990PIW1, H20990W2, H20990PW2, H20990PIW2, H20990W4, H20990PW4, H20990PIW4, H20992, H20992P, H20992PI, H20992E, H20992PE, H20992PIE, H20992L1, H20992PL1, H20992PIL1, H20992L2, H20992PL2, H20992PIL2, H20992L3, H20992PL3, H20992PIL3, H20992L4, H20992PL4, H20992PIL4, H20992W1, H20992PW1, H20992PIW1, H20992W2, H20992PW2, H20992PIW2, H20992W4, H20992PW4, H20992PIW4, H20994, H20994P, H20994PI, H20994E, H20994PE, H20994PIE, H20994L1, H20994PL1, H20994PIL1, H20994L2, H20994PL2, H20994PIL2, H20994L3, H20994PL3, H20994PIL3, H20994L4, H20994PL4, H20994PIL4, H20994W1, H20994PW1, H20994PIW1, H20994W2, H20994PW2, H20994PIW2, H20994W4, H20994PW4, H20994PIW4, HN20940, HN20940P, HN20940PI, HN20940E, HN20940PE, HN20940PIE, HN20940L1, HN20940PL1, HN20940PIL1, HN20940L2, HN20940PL2, HN20940PIL2, HN20940L3, HN20940PL3, HN20940PIL3, HN20940L4, HN20940PL4, HN20940PIL4, HN20940W1, HN20940PW1, HN20940PIW1, HN20940W2, HN20940PW2, HN20940PIW2, HN20940W4, HN20940PW4, HN20940PIW4, H20942, H20942P, H20942PI, H20942E, H20942PE, H20942PIE, H20942L1, H20942PL1, H20942PIL1, H20942L2, H20942PL2, H20942PIL2, H20942L3, H20942PL3, H20942PIL3, H20942L4, H20942PL4, H20942PIL4, H20942W1, H20942PW1, H20942PIW1, H20942W2, H20942PW2, H20942PIW2, H20942W4, H20942PW4, H20942PIW4, H20946, H20946P, H20946PI, H20946E, H20946PE, H20946PIE, H20946L1, H20946PL1, H20946PIL1, H20946L2, H20946PL2, H20946PIL2, H20946L3, H20946PL3, H20946PIL3, H20946L4, H20946PL4, H20946PIL4, H20946W1, H20946PW1, H20946PIW1, H20946W2, H20946PW2, H20946PIW2, H20946W4, H20946PW4, H20946PIW4, HN20948, HN20948P, HN20948PI, HN20948E, HN20948PE, HN20948PIE, HN20948L1, HN20948PL1, HN20948PIL1, HN20948L2, HN20948PL2, HN20948PIL2, HN20948L3, HN20948PL3, HN20948PIL3, HN20948L4, HN20948PL4, HN20948PIL4, HN20948W1, HN20948PW1, HN20948PIW1, HN20948W2, HN20948PW2, HN20948PIW2, HN20948W4, HN20948PW4, HN20948PIW4, HN20952, HN20952P, HN20952PI, HN20952E, HN20952PE, HN20952PIE, HN20952L1, HN20952PL1, HN20952PIL1, HN20952L2, HN20952PL2, HN20952PIL2, HN20952L3, HN20952PL3, HN20952PIL3, HN20952L4, HN20952PL4, HN20952PIL4, HN20952W1, HN20952PW1, HN20952PIW1, HN20952W2, HN20952PW2, HN20952PIW2, HN20952W4, HN20952PW4, HN20952PIW4, HN20954, HN20954P, HN20954PI, HN20954E, HN20954PE, HN20954PIE, HN20954L1, HN20954PL1, HN20954PIL1, HN20954L2, HN20954PL2, HN20954PIL2, HN20954L3, HN20954PL3, HN20954PIL3, HN20954L4, HN20954PL4, HN20954PIL4, HN20954W1, HN20954PW1, HN20954PIW1, HN20954W2, HN20954PW2, HN20954PIW2, HN20954W4, HN20954PW4, HN20954PIW4, HN20958, HN20958P, HN20958PI, HN20958E, HN20958PE, HN20958PIE, HN20958L1, HN20958PL1, HN20958PIL1, HN20958L2, HN20958PL2, HN20958PIL2, HN20958L3, HN20958PL3, HN20958PIL3, HN20958L4, HN20958PL4, HN20958PIL4, HN20958W1, HN20958PW1, HN20958PIW1, HN20958W2, HN20958PW2, HN20958PIW2, HN20958W4, HN20958PW4, HN20958PIW4, HN20960, HN20960P, HN20960PI, HN20960E, HN20960PE, HN20960PIE, HN20960L1, HN20960PL1, HN20960PIL1, HN20960L2, HN20960PL2, HN20960PIL2, HN20960L3, HN20960PL3, HN20960PIL3, HN20960L4, HN20960PL4, HN20960PIL4, HN20960W1, HN20960PW1, HN20960PIW1, HN20960W2, HN20960PW2, HN20960PIW2, HN20960W4, HN20960PW4, HN20960PIW4, HN20964, HN20964P, HN20964PI, HN20964E, HN20964PE, HN20964PIE, HN20964L1, HN20964PL1, HN20964PIL1, HN20964L2, HN20964PL2, HN20964PIL2, HN20964L3, HN20964PL3, HN20964PIL3, HN20964L4, HN20964PL4, HN20964PIL4, HN20964W1, HN20964PW1, HN20964PIW1, HN20964W2, HN20964PW2, HN20964PIW2, HN20964W4, HN20964PW4, HN20964PIW4, HN20972, HN20972P, HN20972PI, HN20972E, HN20972PE, HN20972PIE, HN20972L1, HN20972PL1, HN20972PIL1, HN20972L2, HN20972PL2, HN20972PIL2, HN20972L3, HN20972PL3, HN20972PIL3, HN20972L4, HN20972PL4, HN20972PIL4, HN20972W1, HN20972PW1, HN20972PIW1, HN20972W2, HN20972PW2, HN20972PIW2, HN20972W4, HN20972PW4, HN20972PIW4, HN20974, HN20974P, HN20974PI, HN20974E, HN20974PE, HN20974PIE, HN20974L1, HN20974PL1, HN20974PIL1, HN20974L2, HN20974PL2, HN20974PIL2, HN20974L3, HN20974PL3, HN20974PIL3, HN20974L4, HN20974PL4, HN20974PIL4, HN20974W1, HN20974PW1, HN20974PIW1, HN20974W2, HN20974PW2, HN20974PIW2, HN20974W4, HN20974PW4, HN20974PIW4, HN20976, HN20976P, HN20976PI, HN20976E, HN20976PE, HN20976PIE, HN20976L1, HN20976PL1, HN20976PIL1, HN20976L2, HN20976PL2, HN20976PIL2, HN20976L3, HN20976PL3, HN20976PIL3, HN20976L4, HN20976PL4, HN20976PIL4, HN20976W1, HN20976PW1, HN20976PIW1, HN20976W2, HN20976PW2, HN20976PIW2, HN20976W4, HN20976PW4, HN20976PIW4, HN209778, HN209778P, HN209778PI, HN209778E, HN209778PE, HN209778PIE, HN209778L1, HN209778PL1, HN209778PIL1, HN209778L2, HN209778PL2, HN209778PIL2, HN209778L3, HN209778PL3, HN209778PIL3, HN209778L4, HN209778PL4, HN209778PIL4, HN209778W1, HN209778PW1, HN209778PIW1, HN209778W2, HN209778PW2, HN209778PIW2, HN209778W4, HN209778PW4, HN209778PIW4, HN20982, HN20982P, HN20982PI, HN20982E, HN20982PE, HN20982PIE, HN20982L1, HN20982PL1, HN20982PIL1, HN20982L2, HN20982PL2, HN20982PIL2, HN20982L3, HN20982PL3, HN20982PIL3, HN20982L4, HN20982PL4, HN20982PIL4, HN20982W1, HN20982PW1, HN20982PIW1, HN20982W2, HN20982PW2, HN20982PW2, HN20982W4, HN20982PW4, HN20982PIW4, HN20990, HN20990P, HN20990PI, HN20990E, HN20990PE, HN20990PIE, HN20990L1, HN20990PL1, HN20990PIL1, HN20990L2, HN20990PL2, HN20990PIL2, HN20990L3, HN20990PL3, HN20990PIL3, HN20990L4, HN20990PL4, HN20990PIL4, HN20990W1, HN20990PW1, HN20990PIW1, HN20990W2, HN20990PW2, HN20990PIW2, HN20990W4, HN20990PW4, HN20990PIW4, HN20992, HN20992P, HN20992PI, HN20992E, HN20992PE, HN20992PIE, HN20992L1, HN20992PL1, HN20992PIL1, HN20992L2, HN20992PL2, HN20992PIL2, HN20992L3, HN20992PL3, HN20992PIL3, HN20992L4, HN20992PL4, HN20992PIL4, HN20992W1, HN20992PW1, HN20992PIW1, HN20992W2, HN20992PW2, HN20992PIW2, HN20992W4, HN20992PW4, HN20992PIW4, HN20994, HN20994P, HN20994PI, HN20994E, HN20994PE, HN20994PIE, HN20994L1, HN20994PL1, HN20994PIL1, HN20994L2, HN20994PL2, HN20994PIL2, HN20994L3, HN20994PL3, HN20994PIL3, HN20994L4, HN20994PL4, HN20994PIL4, HN20994W1, HN20994PW1, HN20994PIW1, HN20994W2, HN20994PW2, HN20994PIW2, HN20994W4, HN20994PW4, HN20994PIW4


Additional information

Spec accuracy

1% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)


304 Stainless Steel – Removable


1/4, 1/2 NPT- Lower Mount


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted, Micro Adjustable


Lower Mount

Vent plug

Filler/Pressure Relief Plug


1% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)


Filled, Fillable – Severe Service


H207/209 Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size


Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 20,000 psi


304 Stainless Steel

Standard case fill

Dry, Glycerine, Silicone


Safety Glass


Stainless Steel

Dial sizes


Ambient temperature

Dry: -40 to 180F, Glycerine: 30 to 160F, Silicone: -40 to 180F

Internal material

316 Stainless Steel

Tube socket

316 Stainless Steel

Standard scale

Single Scale, Dual Scale psi/kpa


see variation page