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H12 Series

Marsh Instruments Quality Gauges feature the exclusive recalibrator and the accuracy is within ±1” in the middle half of span. These gauges provide continuous service at an economical price.

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Variations: H1205, H1205L1, H1205L2, H1205L3, H1205L4, H1205W1, H1205W2, H1205W3, H1205W4, H1212, H1212L1, H1212L2, H1212L3, H1212L4, H1212W1, H1212W2, H1212W3, H1212W4, H1214, H1214L1, H1214L2, H1214L3, H1214L4, H1214W1, H1214W2, H1214W3, H1214W4, H1218, H1218L1, H1218L2, H1218L3, H1218L4, H1218W1, H1218W2, H1218W3, H1218W4, H1224, H1224L1, H1224L2, H1224L3, H1224L4, H1224W1, H1224W2, H1224W3, H1224W4, H1242, H1242L1, H1242L2, H1242L3, H1242L4, H1242W1, H1242W2, H1242W3, H1242W4, H1246, H1246L1, H1246L2, H1246L3, H1246L4, H1246W1, H1246W2, H1246W3, H1246W4, H1248, H1248L1, H1248L2, H1248L3, H1248L4, H1248W1, H1248W2, H1248W3, H1248W4, H1252, H1252L1, H1252L2, H1252L3, H1252L4, H1252W1, H1252W2, H1252W3, H1252W4, H1254, H1254L1, H1254L2, H1254L3, H1254L4, H1254W1, H1254W2, H1254W3, H1254W4, H1258, H1258L1, H1258L2, H1258L3, H1258L4, H1258W1, H1258W2, H1258W3, H1258W4, H1260, H1260L1, H1260L2, H1260L3, H1260L4, H1260W1, H1260W2, H1260W3, H1260W4, H1264, H1264L1, H1264L2, H1264L3, H1264L4, H1264W1, H1264W2, H1264W3, H1264W4, H1272, H1272L1, H1272L2, H1272L3, H1272L4, H1272W1, H1272W2, H1272W3, H1272W4, H1274, H1274L1, H1274L2, H1274L3, H1274L4, H1274W1, H1274W2, H1274W3, H1274W4, H1276, H1276L1, H1276L2, H1276L3, H1276L4, H1276W1, H1276W2, H1276W3, H1276W4, H1278, H1278L1, H1278L2, H1278L3, H1278L4, H1278W1, H1278W2, H1278W3, H1278W4, H1280, H1280L1, H1280L2, H1280L3, H1280L4, H1280W1, H1280W2, H1280W3, H1280W4, H1282, H1282L1, H1282L2, H1282L3, H1282L4, H1282W1, H1282W2, H1282W3, H1282W4, H1284, H1284L1, H1284L2, H1284L3, H1284L4, H1284W1, H1284W2, H1284W3, H1284W4, H1290, H1290L1, H1290L2, H1290L3, H1290L4, H1290W1, H1290W2, H1290W3, H1290W4, H1292, H1292L1, H1292L2, H1292L3, H1292L4, H1292W1, H1292W2, H1292W3, H1292W4, H1294, H1294L1, H1294L2, H1294L3, H1294L4, H1294W1, H1294W2, H1294W3, H1294W4



  • Recalibrator Standard
  • Ranges to 20,000 psi
  • Backflange for Wall Mounting


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Boiler/HVAC
  • Compressor

Additional information

Spec Accuracy

/- 2 1/2% (ASME Grade A)


1/4" or 1/2" NPT


Steel, black painted, removable


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted


Lower Mount, Backflange

Vent plug



/- 2/1/2% (ASME Grade A)


H12 Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size


Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 20,000 psi


Steel, Black Painted

Standard case fill

Dry, Non-Fillable


Instrument Glass


Stainless Steel

Dial sizes


Ambient temperature

'-40 to 160F

Internal material

0-1000 psi: Copper Alloy, 1,500-20,000 psi: Stainless Steel

Tube socket

0-1000 psi: Copper Alloy, 1,500-20,000 psi: Stainless Steel

Standard scale

psi, single scale


see variation page