Flanged Thermowells

FlangedThermowell, FlangedThermowell, flanged thermowell
FlangedThermowell, FlangedThermowell, flanged thermowell

Thermowells are protective sheaths used to allow for the safe installation and removal of temperature instruments. Thermowells also protect the instrument against process pressures and are offered in wide variety of materials to resist corrosion.

Material Test Report, Hydrostatic Test Report, Wake Frequency Calculation, Stainless Steel Tag, Custom Marking
Flange Rating/Type
150# RF through 1500# RF
Stem Length
2.5" through 24", custom (contact factory)
Flanged Thermowells
Insertion Length
custom (contact factory)
Instrument Connection
1/2" FNPT, Custom (contact factory)
Flange Size
1" through 9"
Process Connection
Flanged, see options
Stepped, Straight, Tapered
Brass, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C276, Tantalum, Custom (contact factory)
Standard Bore
0.260", custom (contact factory)
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