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P18 Series

With over 155 years of proven experience, an extensive list of designs and options make the Marsh Instruments line of Process Gauges the intelligent and practical choice in process instrumentation. All case styles feature SAFECASE solid front construction.

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Variations: P18005, P18005L1, P18005L2, P18005L3, P18005L4, P18005W1, P18005W2, P18005W3, P18005W4, P18005P, P18005PL1, P18005PL2, P18005PL3, P18005PL4, P18005PW1, P18005PW2, P18005PW3, P18005PW4, P18005PI, P18005PIL1, P18005PIL2, P18005PIL3, P18005PIL4, P18005PIW1, P18005PIW2, P18005PIW3, P18005PIW4, P18010, P18010L1, P18010L2, P18010L3, P18010L4, P18010W1, P18010W2, P18010W3, P18010W4, P18010P, P18010PL1, P18010PL2, P18010PL3, P18010PL4, P18010PW1, P18010PW2, P18010PW3, P18010PW4, P18010PI, P18010PIL1, P18010PIL2, P18010PIL3, P18010PIL4, P18010PIW1, P18010PIW2, P18010PIW3, P18010PIW4, P18012, P18012L1, P18012L2, P18012L3, P18012L4, P18012W1, P18012W2, P18012W3, P18012W4, P18012P, P18012PL1, P18012PL2, P18012PL3, P18012PL4, P18012PW1, P18012PW2, P18012PW3, P18012PW4, P18012PI, P18012PIL1, P18012PIL2, P18012PIL3, P18012PIL4, P18012PIW1, P18012PIW2, P18012PIW3, P18012PIW4, P18014, P18014L1, P18014L2, P18014L3, P18014L4, P18014W1, P18014W2, P18014W3, P18014W4, P18014P, P18014PL1, P18014PL2, P18014PL3, P18014PL4, P18014PW1, P18014PW2, P18014PW3, P18014PW4, P18014PI, P18014PIL1, P18014PIL2, P18014PIL3, P18014PIL4, P18014PIW1, P18014PIW2, P18014PIW3, P18014PIW4, P18016, P18016L1, P18016L2, P18016L3, P18016L4, P18016W1, P18016W2, P18016W3, P18016W4, P18016P, P18016PL1, P18016PL2, P18016PL3, P18016PL4, P18016PW1, P18016PW2, P18016PW3, P18016PW4, P18016PI, P18016PIL1, P18016PIL2, P18016PIL3, P18016PIL4, P18016PIW1, P18016PIW2, P18016PIW3, P18016PIW4, P18020, P18020L1, P18020L2, P18020L3, P18020L4, P18020W1, P18020W2, P18020W3, P18020W4, P18020P, P18020PL1, P18020PL2, P18020PL3, P18020PL4, P18020PW1, P18020PW2, P18020PW3, P18020PW4, P18020PI, P18020PIL1, P18020PIL2, P18020PIL3, P18020PIL4, P18020PIW1, P18020PIW2, P18020PIW3, P18020PIW4, P18024, P18024L1, P18024L2, P18024L3, P18024L4, P18024W1, P18024W2, P18024W3, P18024W4, P18024P, P18024PL1, P18024PL2, P18024PL3, P18024PL4, P18024PW1, P18024PW2, P18024PW3, P18024PW4, P18024PI, P18024PIL1, P18024PIL2, P18024PIL3, P18024PIL4, P18024PIW1, P18024PIW2, P18024PIW3, P18024PIW4, P18040, P18040L1, P18040L2, P18040L3, P18040L4, P18040W1, P18040W2, P18040W3, P18040W4, P18040P, P18040PL1, P18040PL2, P18040PL3, P18040PL4, P18040PW1, P18040PW2, P18040PW3, P18040PW4, P18040PI, P18040PIL1, P18040PIL2, P18040PIL3, P18040PIL4, P18040PIW1, P18040PIW2, P18040PIW3, P18040PIW4, P18042, P18042L1, P18042L2, P18042L3, P18042L4, P18042W1, P18042W2, P18042W3, P18042W4, P18042P, P18042PL1, P18042PL2, P18042PL3, P18042PL4, P18042PW1, P18042PW2, P18042PW3, P18042PW4, P18042PI, P18042PIL1, P18042PIL2, P18042PIL3, P18042PIL4, P18042PIW1, P18042PIW2, P18042PIW3, P18042PIW4, P18046, P18046L1, P18046L2, P18046L3, P18046L4, P18046W1, P18046W2, P18046W3, P18046W4, P18046P, P18046PL1, P18046PL2, P18046PL3, P18046PL4, P18046PW1, P18046PW2, P18046PW3, P18046PW4, P18046PI, P18046PIL1, P18046PIL2, P18046PIL3, P18046PIL4, P18046PIW1, P18046PIW2, P18046PIW3, P18046PIW4, P18048, P18048L1, P18048L2, P18048L3, P18048L4, P18048W1, P18048W2, P18048W3, P18048W4, P18048P, P18048PL1, P18048PL2, P18048PL3, P18048PL4, P18048PW1, P18048PW2, P18048PW3, P18048PW4, P18048PI, P18048PIL1, P18048PIL2, P18048PIL3, P18048PIL4, P18048PIW1, P18048PIW2, P18048PIW3, P18048PIW4, P18052, P18052L1, P18052L2, P18052L3, P18052L4, P18052W1, P18052W2, P18052W3, P18052W4, P18052P, P18052PL1, P18052PL2, P18052PL3, P18052PL4, P18052PW1, P18052PW2, P18052PW3, P18052PW4, P18052PI, P18052PIL1, P18052PIL2, P18052PIL3, P18052PIL4, P18052PIW1, P18052PIW2, P18052PIW3, P18052PIW4, P18054, P18054L1, P18054L2, P18054L3, P18054L4, P18054W1, P18054W2, P18054W3, P18054W4, P18054P, P18054PL1, P18054PL2, P18054PL3, P18054PL4, P18054PW1, P18054PW2, P18054PW3, P18054PW4, P18054PI, P18054PIL1, P18054PIL2, P18054PIL3, P18054PIL4, P18054PIW1, P18054PIW2, P18054PIW3, P18054PIW4, P18058, P18058L1, P18058L2, P18058L3, P18058L4, P18058W1, P18058W2, P18058W3, P18058W4, P18058P, P18058PL1, P18058PL2, P18058PL3, P18058PL4, P18058PW1, P18058PW2, P18058PW3, P18058PW4, P18058PI, P18058PIL1, P18058PIL2, P18058PIL3, P18058PIL4, P18058PIW1, P18058PIW2, P18058PIW3, P18058PIW4, P18060, P18060L1, P18060L2, P18060L3, P18060L4, P18060W1, P18060W2, P18060W3, P18060W4, P18060P, P18060PL1, P18060PL2, P18060PL3, P18060PL4, P18060PW1, P18060PW2, P18060PW3, P18060PW4, P18060PI, P18060PIL1, P18060PIL2, P18060PIL3, P18060PIL4, P18060PIW1, P18060PIW2, P18060PIW3, P18060PIW4, P18064, P18064L1, P18064L2, P18064L3, P18064L4, P18064W1, P18064W2, P18064W3, P18064W4, P18064P, P18064PL1, P18064PL2, P18064PL3, P18064PL4, P18064PW1, P18064PW2, P18064PW3, P18064PW4, P18064PI, P18064PIL1, P18064PIL2, P18064PIL3, P18064PIL4, P18064PIW1, P18064PIW2, P18064PIW3, P18064PIW4, P18068, P18068L1, P18068L2, P18068L3, P18068L4, P18068W1, P18068W2, P18068W3, P18068W4, P18068P, P18068PL1, P18068PL2, P18068PL3, P18068PL4, P18068PW1, P18068PW2, P18068PW3, P18068PW4, P18068PI, P18068PIL1, P18068PIL2, P18068PIL3, P18068PIL4, P18068PIW1, P18068PIW2, P18068PIW3, P18068PIW4, P18074, P18074L1, P18074L2, P18074L3, P18074L4, P18074W1, P18074W2, P18074W3, P18074W4, P18074P, P18074PL1, P18074PL2, P18074PL3, P18074PL4, P18074PW1, P18074PW2, P18074PW3, P18074PW4, P18074PI, P18074PIL1, P18074PIL2, P18074PIL3, P18074PIL4, P18074PIW1, P18074PIW2, P18074PIW3, P18074PIW4, P18076, P18076L1, P18076L2, P18076L3, P18076L4, P18076W1, P18076W2, P18076W3, P18076W4, P18076P, P18076PL1, P18076PL2, P18076PL3, P18076PL4, P18076PW1, P18076PW2, P18076PW3, P18076PW4, P18076PI, P18076PIL1, P18076PIL2, P18076PIL3, P18076PIL4, P18076PIW1, P18076PIW2, P18076PIW3, P18076PIW4, P18078, P18078L1, P18078L2, P18078L3, P18078L4, P18078W1, P18078W2, P18078W3, P18078W4, P18078P, P18078PL1, P18078PL2, P18078PL3, P18078PL4, P18078PW1, P18078PW2, P18078PW3, P18078PW4, P18078PI, P18078PIL1, P18078PIL2, P18078PIL3, P18078PIL4, P18078PIW1, P18078PIW2, P18078PIW3, P18078PIW4, P18082, P18082L1, P18082L2, P18082L3, P18082L4, P18082W1, P18082W2, P18082W3, P18082W4, P18082P, P18082PL1, P18082PL2, P18082PL3, P18082PL4, P18082PW1, P18082PW2, P18082PW3, P18082PW4, P18082PI, P18082PIL1, P18082PIL2, P18082PIL3, P18082PIL4, P18082PIW1, P18082PIW2, P18082PIW3, P18082PIW4, P18090, P18090L1, P18090L2, P18090L3, P18090L4, P18090W1, P18090W2, P18090W3, P18090W4, P18090P, P18090PL1, P18090PL2, P18090PL3, P18090PL4, P18090PW1, P18090PW2, P18090PW3, P18090PW4, P18090PI, P18090PIL1, P18090PIL2, P18090PIL3, P18090PIL4, P18090PIW1, P18090PIW2, P18090PIW3, P18090PIW4, P18092, P18092L1, P18092L2, P18092L3, P18092L4, P18092W1, P18092W2, P18092W3, P18092W4, P18092P, P18092PL1, P18092PL2, P18092PL3, P18092PL4, P18092PW1, P18092PW2, P18092PW3, P18092PW4, P18092PI, P18092PIL1, P18092PIL2, P18092PIL3, P18092PIL4, P18092PIW1, P18092PIW2, P18092PIW3, P18092PIW4, P18094, P18094L1, P18094L2, P18094L3, P18094L4, P18094W1, P18094W2, P18094W3, P18094W4, P18094P, P18094PL1, P18094PL2, P18094PL3, P18094PL4, P18094PW1, P18094PW2, P18094PW3, P18094PW4, P18094PI, P18094PIL1, P18094PIL2, P18094PIL3, P18094PIL4, P18094PIW1, P18094PIW2, P18094PIW3, P18094PIW4



  • Solid Front SAFECASE
  • 0.5% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Pressure Ranges, Vacuum – 20,000 psi
  • Dry or Liquid Filled
  • Adjustable Micrometer Pointer
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Hydraulic
  • Commercial

Additional information

Spec accuracy

.5% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)


Aluminum- Removable


1/4 NPT, Lower Back Mount, Hinged Ring Panel Mount


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted, Micro Adjustable


Lower Mount

Vent plug

Fill Plug


.5% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)




P18 Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size


Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 20,000 psi



Standard case fill



Safety Glass


Stainless Steel

Dial sizes


Ambient temperature

Dry -40 to 180

Internal material

Copper Alloy or 316S Stainless Steel

Tube socket

Copper Alloy or 316ss

Standard scale

Single Scale Psi


see variation page