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P15 Series

With over 155 years of proven experience, an extensive list of designs and options make the Marsh Instruments line of Process Gauges the intelligent and practical choice in process instrumentation. All case styles feature SAFECASE solid front construction.

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Variations: P16005, P16005L1, P16005L2, P16005L3, P16005L4, P16005W1, P16005W2, P16005W3, P16005W4, P16005P, P16005PL1, P16005PL2, P16005PL3, P16005PL4, P16005PW1, P16005PW2, P16005PW3, P16005PW4, P16005PI, P16005PIL1, P16005PIL2, P16005PIL3, P16005PIL4, P16005PIW1, P16005PIW2, P16005PIW3, P16005PIW4, P16010, P16010L1, P16010L2, P16010L3, P16010L4, P16010W1, P16010W2, P16010W3, P16010W4, P16010P, P16010PL1, P16010PL2, P16010PL3, P16010PL4, P16010PW1, P16010PW2, P16010PW3, P16010PW4, P16010PI, P16010PIL1, P16010PIL2, P16010PIL3, P16010PIL4, P16010PIW1, P16010PIW2, P16010PIW3, P16010PIW4, P16012, P16012L1, P16012L2, P16012L3, P16012L4, P16012W1, P16012W2, P16012W3, P16012W4, P16012P, P16012PL1, P16012PL2, P16012PL3, P16012PL4, P16012PW1, P16012PW2, P16012PW3, P16012PW4, P16012PI, P16012PIL1, P16012PIL2, P16012PIL3, P16012PIL4, P16012PIW1, P16012PIW2, P16012PIW3, P16012PIW4, P16014, P16014L1, P16014L2, P16014L3, P16014L4, P16014W1, P16014W2, P16014W3, P16014W4, P16014P, P16014PL1, P16014PL2, P16014PL3, P16014PL4, P16014PW1, P16014PW2, P16014PW3, P16014PW4, P16014PI, P16014PIL1, P16014PIL2, P16014PIL3, P16014PIL4, P16014PIW1, P16014PIW2, P16014PIW3, P16014PIW4, P16016, P16016L1, P16016L2, P16016L3, P16016L4, P16016W1, P16016W2, P16016W3, P16016W4, P16016P, P16016PL1, P16016PL2, P16016PL3, P16016PL4, P16016PW1, P16016PW2, P16016PW3, P16016PW4, P16016PI, P16016PIL1, P16016PIL2, P16016PIL3, P16016PIL4, P16016PIW1, P16016PIW2, P16016PIW3, P16016PIW4, P16020, P16020L1, P16020L2, P16020L3, P16020L4, P16020W1, P16020W2, P16020W3, P16020W4, P16020P, P16020PL1, P16020PL2, P16020PL3, P16020PL4, P16020PW1, P16020PW2, P16020PW3, P16020PW4, P16020PI, P16020PIL1, P16020PIL2, P16020PIL3, P16020PIL4, P16020PIW1, P16020PIW2, P16020PIW3, P16020PIW4, P16024, P16024L1, P16024L2, P16024L3, P16024L4, P16024W1, P16024W2, P16024W3, P16024W4, P16024P, P16024PL1, P16024PL2, P16024PL3, P16024PL4, P16024PW1, P16024PW2, P16024PW3, P16024PW4, P16024PI, P16024PIL1, P16024PIL2, P16024PIL3, P16024PIL4, P16024PIW1, P16024PIW2, P16024PIW3, P16024PIW4, P16040, P16040L1, P16040L2, P16040L3, P16040L4, P16040W1, P16040W2, P16040W3, P16040W4, P16040P, P16040PL1, P16040PL2, P16040PL3, P16040PL4, P16040PW1, P16040PW2, P16040PW3, P16040PW4, P16040PI, P16040PIL1, P16040PIL2, P16040PIL3, P16040PIL4, P16040PIW1, P16040PIW2, P16040PIW3, P16040PIW4, P16042, P16042L1, P16042L2, P16042L3, P16042L4, P16042W1, P16042W2, P16042W3, P16042W4, P16042P, P16042PL1, P16042PL2, P16042PL3, P16042PL4, P16042PW1, P16042PW2, P16042PW3, P16042PW4, P16042PI, P16042PIL1, P16042PIL2, P16042PIL3, P16042PIL4, P16042PIW1, P16042PIW2, P16042PIW3, P16042PIW4, P16046, P16046L1, P16046L2, P16046L3, P16046L4, P16046W1, P16046W2, P16046W3, P16046W4, P16046P, P16046PL1, P16046PL2, P16046PL3, P16046PL4, P16046PW1, P16046PW2, P16046PW3, P16046PW4, P16046PI, P16046PIL1, P16046PIL2, P16046PIL3, P16046PIL4, P16046PIW1, P16046PIW2, P16046PIW3, P16046PIW4, P16048, P16048L1, P16048L2, P16048L3, P16048L4, P16048W1, P16048W2, P16048W3, P16048W4, P16048P, P16048PL1, P16048PL2, P16048PL3, P16048PL4, P16048PW1, P16048PW2, P16048PW3, P16048PW4, P16048PI, P16048PIL1, P16048PIL2, P16048PIL3, P16048PIL4, P16048PIW1, P16048PIW2, P16048PIW3, P16048PIW4, P16052, P16052L1, P16052L2, P16052L3, P16052L4, P16052W1, P16052W2, P16052W3, P16052W4, P16052P, P16052PL1, P16052PL2, P16052PL3, P16052PL4, P16052PW1, P16052PW2, P16052PW3, P16052PW4, P16052PI, P16052PIL1, P16052PIL2, P16052PIL3, P16052PIL4, P16052PIW1, P16052PIW2, P16052PIW3, P16052PIW4, P16054, P16054L1, P16054L2, P16054L3, P16054L4, P16054W1, P16054W2, P16054W3, P16054W4, P16054P, P16054PL1, P16054PL2, P16054PL3, P16054PL4, P16054PW1, P16054PW2, P16054PW3, P16054PW4, P16054PI, P16054PIL1, P16054PIL2, P16054PIL3, P16054PIL4, P16054PIW1, P16054PIW2, P16054PIW3, P16054PIW4, P16058, P16058L1, P16058L2, P16058L3, P16058L4, P16058W1, P16058W2, P16058W3, P16058W4, P16058P, P16058PL1, P16058PL2, P16058PL3, P16058PL4, P16058PW1, P16058PW2, P16058PW3, P16058PW4, P16058PI, P16058PIL1, P16058PIL2, P16058PIL3, P16058PIL4, P16058PIW1, P16058PIW2, P16058PIW3, P16058PIW4, P16060, P16060L1, P16060L2, P16060L3, P16060L4, P16060W1, P16060W2, P16060W3, P16060W4, P16060P, P16060PL1, P16060PL2, P16060PL3, P16060PL4, P16060PW1, P16060PW2, P16060PW3, P16060PW4, P16060PI, P16060PIL1, P16060PIL2, P16060PIL3, P16060PIL4, P16060PIW1, P16060PIW2, P16060PIW3, P16060PIW4, P16064, P16064L1, P16064L2, P16064L3, P16064L4, P16064W1, P16064W2, P16064W3, P16064W4, P16064P, P16064PL1, P16064PL2, P16064PL3, P16064PL4, P16064PW1, P16064PW2, P16064PW3, P16064PW4, P16064PI, P16064PIL1, P16064PIL2, P16064PIL3, P16064PIL4, P16064PIW1, P16064PIW2, P16064PIW3, P16064PIW4, P16068, P16068L1, P16068L2, P16068L3, P16068L4, P16068W1, P16068W2, P16068W3, P16068W4, P16068P, P16068PL1, P16068PL2, P16068PL3, P16068PL4, P16068PW1, P16068PW2, P16068PW3, P16068PW4, P16068PI, P16068PIL1, P16068PIL2, P16068PIL3, P16068PIL4, P16068PIW1, P16068PIW2, P16068PIW3, P16068PIW4, P15005, P15005L1, P15005L2, P15005L3, P15005L4, P15005W1, P15005W2, P15005W3, P15005W4, P15005P, P15005PL1, P15005PL2, P15005PL3, P15005PL4, P15005PW1, P15005PW2, P15005PW3, P15005PW4, P15005PI, P15005PIL1, P15005PIL2, P15005PIL3, P15005PIL4, P15005PIW1, P15005PIW2, P15005PIW3, P15005PIW4, P15010, P15010L1, P15010L2, P15010L3, P15010L4, P15010W1, P15010W2, P15010W3, P15010W4, P15005P, P15005PL1, P15005PL2, P15005PL3, P15010PL4, P15010PW1, P15010PW2, P15010PW3, P15010PW4, P15010PI, P15010PIL1, P15010PIL2, P15010PIL3, P15010PIL4, P15010PIW1, P15010PIW2, P15010PIW3, P15010PIW4, P15012, P15012L1, P15012L2, P15012L3, P15012L4, P15012W1, P15012W2, P15012W3, P15012W4, P15012P, P15012PL1, P15012PL2, P15012PL3, P15012PL4, P15012PW1, P15012PW2, P15012PW3, P15012PW4, P15012PI, P15012PIL1, P15012PIL2, P15012PIL3, P15012PIL4, P15012PIW1, P15012PIW2, P15012PIW3, P15012PIW4, P15014, P15014L1, P15014L2, P15014L3, P15014L4, P15014W1, P15014W2, P15014W3, P15014W4, P15014P, P15014PL1, P15014PL2, P15014PL3, P15014PL4, P15014PW1, P15014PW2, P15014PW3, P15014PW4, P15014PI, P15014PIL1, P15014PIL2, P15014PIL3, P15014PIL4, P15014PIW1, P15014PIW2, P15014PIW3, P15014PIW4, P15016, P15016L1, P15016L2, P15016L3, P15016L4, P15016W1, P15016W2, P15016W3, P15016W4, P15016P, P15016PL1, P15016PL2, P15016PL3, P15016PL4, P15016PW1, P15016PW2, P15016PW3, P15016PW4, P15016PI, P15016PIL1, P15016PIL2, P15016PIL3, P15016PIL4, P15016PIW1, P15016PIW2, P15016PIW3, P15016PIW4, P15020, P15020L1, P15020L2, P15020L3, P15020L4, P15020W1, P15020W2, P15020W3, P15020W4, P15020P, P15020PL1, P15020PL2, P15020PL3, P15020PL4, P15020PW1, P15020PW2, P15020PW3, P15020PW4, P15020PI, P15020PIL1, P15020PIL2, P15020PIL3, P15020PIL4, P15020PIW1, P15020PIW2, P15020PIW3, P15020PIW4, P15024, P15024L1, P15024L2, P15024L3, P15024L4, P15024W1, P15024W2, P15024W3, P15024W4, P15024P, P15024PL1, P15024PL2, P15024PL3, P15024PL4, P15024PW1, P15024PW2, P15024PW3, P15024PW4, P15024PI, P15024PIL1, P15024PIL2, P15024PIL3, P15024PIL4, P15024PIW1, P15024PIW2, P15024PIW3, P15024PIW4, P15040, P15040L1, P15040L2, P15040L3, P15040L4, P15040W1, P15040W2, P15040W3, P15040W4, P15040P, P15040PL1, P15040PL2, P15040PL3, P15040PL4, P15040PW1, P15040PW2, P15040PW3, P15040PW4, P15040PI, P15040PIL1, P15040PIL2, P15040PIL3, P15040PIL4, P15040PIW1, P15040PIW2, P15040PIW3, P15040PIW4, P15042, P15042L1, P15042L2, P15042L3, P15042L4, P15042W1, P15042W2, P15042W3, P15042W4, P15042P, P15042PL1, P15042PL2, P15042PL3, P15042PL4, P15042PW1, P15042PW2, P15042PW3, P15042PW4, P15042PI, P15042PIL1, P15042PIL2, P15042PIL3, P15042PIL4, P15042PIW1, P15042PIW2, P15042PIW3, P15042PIW4, P15046, P15046L1, P15046L2, P15046L3, P15046L4, P15046W1, P15046W2, P15046W3, P15046W4, P15046P, P15046PL1, P15046PL2, P15046PL3, P15046PL4, P15046PW1, P15046PW2, P15046PW3, P15046PW4, P15046PI, P15046PIL1, P15046PIL2, P15046PIL3, P15046PIL4, P15046PIW1, P15046PIW2, P15046PIW3, P15046PIW4, P15048, P15048L1, P15048L2, P15048L3, P15048L4, P15048W1, P15048W2, P15048W3, P15048W4, P15048P, P15048PL1, P15048PL2, P15048PL3, P15048PL4, P15048PW1, P15048PW2, P15048PW3, P15048PW4, P15048PI, P15048PIL1, P15048PIL2, P15048PIL3, P15048PIL4, P15048PIW1, P15048PIW2, P15048PIW3, P15048PIW4, P15052, P15052L1, P15052L2, P15052L3, P15052L4, P15052W1, P15052W2, P15052W3, P15052W4, P15052P, P15052PL1, P15052PL2, P15052PL3, P15052PL4, P15052PW1, P15052PW2, P15052PW3, P15052PW4, P15052PI, P15052PIL1, P15052PIL2, P15052PIL3, P15052PIL4, P15052PIW1, P15052PIW2, P15052PIW3, P15052PIW4, P15054, P15054L1, P15054L2, P15054L3, P15054L4, P15054W1, P15054W2, P15054W3, P15054W4, P15054P, P15054PL1, P15054PL2, P15054PL3, P15054PL4, P15054PW1, P15054PW2, P15054PW3, P15054PW4, P15054PI, P15054PIL1, P15054PIL2, P15054PIL3, P15054PIL4, P15054PIW1, P15054PIW2, P15054PIW3, P15054PIW4, P15058, P15058L1, P15058L2, P15058L3, P15058L4, P15058W1, P15058W2, P15058W3, P15058W4, P15058P, P15058PL1, P15058PL2, P15058PL3, P15058PL4, P15058PW1, P15058PW2, P15058PW3, P15058PW4, P15058PI, P15058PIL1, P15058PIL2, P15058PIL3, P15058PIL4, P15058PIW1, P15058PIW2, P15058PIW3, P15058PIW4, P15060, P15060L1, P15060L2, P15060L3, P15060L4, P15060W1, P15060W2, P15060W3, P15060W4, P15060P, P15060PL1, P15060PL2, P15060PL3, P15060PL4, P15060PW1, P15060PW2, P15060PW3, P15060PW4, P15060PI, P15060PIL1, P15060PIL2, P15060PIL3, P15060PIL4, P15060PIW1, P15060PIW2, P15060PIW3, P15060PIW4, P15064, P15064L1, P15064L2, P15064L3, P15064L4, P15064W1, P15064W2, P15064W3, P15064W4, P15064P, P15064PL1, P15064PL2, P15064PL3, P15064PL4, P15064PW1, P15064PW2, P15064PW3, P15064PW4, P15064PI, P15064PIL1, P15064PIL2, P15064PIL3, P15064PIL4, P15064PIW1, P15064PIW2, P15064PIW3, P15064PIW4, P15068, P15068L1, P15068L2, P15068L3, P15068L4, P15068W1, P15068W2, P15068W3, P15068W4, P15068P, P15068PL1, P15068PL2, P15068PL3, P15068PL4, P15068PW1, P15068PW2, P15068PW3, P15068PW4, P15068PI, P15068PIL1, P15068PIL2, P15068PIL3, P15068PIL4, P15068PIW1, P15068PIW2, P15068PIW3, P15068PIW4, P15074, P15074L1, P15074L2, P15074L3, P15074L4, P15074W1, P15074W2, P15074W3, P15074W4, P15074P, P15074PL1, P15074PL2, P15074PL3, P15074PL4, P15074PW1, P15074PW2, P15074PW3, P15074PW4, P15074PI, P15074PIL1, P15074PIL2, P15074PIL3, P15074PIL4, P15074PIW1, P15074PIW2, P15074PIW3, P15074PIW4, P15076, P15076L1, P15076L2, P15076L3, P15076L4, P15076W1, P15076W2, P15076W3, P15076W4, P15076P, P15076PL1, P15076PL2, P15076PL3, P15076PL4, P15076PW1, P15076PW2, P15076PW3, P15076PW4, P15076PI, P15076PIL1, P15076PIL2, P15076PIL3, P15076PIL4, P15076PIW1, P15076PIW2, P15076PIW3, P15076PIW4, P15078, P15078L1, P15078L2, P15078L3, P15078L4, P15078W1, P15078W2, P15078W3, P15078W4, P15078P, P15078PL1, P15078PL2, P15078PL3, P15078PL4, P15078PW1, P15078PW2, P15078PW3, P15078PW4, P15078PI, P15078PIL1, P15078PIL2, P15078PIL3, P15078PIL4, P15078PIW1, P15078PIW2, P15078PIW3, P15078PIW4, P15082, P15082L1, P15082L2, P15082L3, P15082L4, P15082W1, P15082W2, P15082W3, P15082W4, P15082P, P15082PL1, P15082PL2, P15082PL3, P15082PL4, P15082PW1, P15082PW2, P15082PW3, P15082PW4, P15082PI, P15082PIL1, P15082PIL2, P15082PIL3, P15082PIL4, P15082PIW1, P15082PIW2, P15082PIW3, P15082PIW4, P15090, P15090L1, P15090L2, P15090L3, P15090L4, P15090W1, P15090W2, P15090W3, P15090W4, P15090P, P15090PL1, P15090PL2, P15090PL3, P15090PL4, P15090PW1, P15090PW2, P15090PW3, P15090PW4, P15090PI, P15090PIL1, P15090PIL2, P15090PIL3, P15090PIL4, P15090PIW1, P15090PIW2, P15090PIW3, P15090PIW4, P15092, P15092L1, P15092L2, P15092L3, P15092L4, P15092W1, P15092W2, P15092W3, P15092W4, P15092P, P15092PL1, P15092PL2, P15092PL3, P15092PL4, P15092PW1, P15092PW2, P15092PW3, P15092PW4, P15092PI, P15092PIL1, P15092PIL2, P15092PIL3, P15092PIL4, P15092PIW1, P15092PIW2, P15092PIW3, P15092PIW4, P15094, P15094L1, P15094L2, P15094L3, P15094L4, P15094W1, P15094W2, P15094W3, P15094W4, P15094P, P15094PL1, P15094PL2, P15094PL3, P15094PL4, P15094PW1, P15094PW2, P15094PW3, P15094PW4, P15094PI, P15094PIL1, P15094PIL2, P15094PIL3, P15094PIL4, P15094PIW1, P15094PIW2, P15094PIW3, P15094PIW4, P15505, P15505L1, P15505L2, P15505L3, P15505L4, P15505W1, P15505W2, P15505W3, P15505W4, P15505P, P15505PL1, P15505PL2, P15505PL3, P15505PL4, P15505PW1, P15505PW2, P15505PW3, P15505PW4, P15505PI, P15505PIL1, P15505PIL2, P15505PIL3, P15505PIL4, P15505PIW1, P15505PIW2, P15505PIW3, P15505PIW4, P15510, P15510L1, P15510L2, P15510L3, P15510L4, P15510W1, P15510W2, P15510W3, P15510W4, P15510P, P15510PL1, P15510PL2, P15510PL3, P15510PL4, P15510PW1, P15510PW2, P15510PW3, P15510PW4, P15510PI, P15510PIL1, P15510PIL2, P15510PIL3, P15510PIL4, P15510PIW1, P15510PIW2, P15510PIW3, P15510PIW4, P15512, P15512L1, P15512L2, P15512L3, P15512L4, P15512W1, P15512W2, P15512W3, P15512W4, P15512P, P15512PL1, P15512PL2, P15512PL3, P15512PL4, P15512PW1, P15512PW2, P15512PW3, P15512PW4, P15512PI, P15512PIL1, P15512PIL2, P15512PIL3, P15512PIL4, P15512PIW1, P15512PIW2, P15512PIW3, P15512PIW4, P15514, P15514L1, P15514L2, P15514L3, P15514L4, P15514W1, P15514W2, P15514W3, P15514W4, P15514P, P15514PL1, P15514PL2, P15514PL3, P15514PL4, P15514PW1, P15514PW2, P15514PW3, P15514PW4, P15514PI, P15514PIL1, P15514PIL2, P15514PIL3, P15514PIL4, P15514PIW1, P15514PIW2, P15514PIW3, P15514PIW4, P15516, P15516L1, P15516L2, P15516L3, P15516L4, P15516W1, P15516W2, P15516W3, P15516W4, P15516P, P15516PL1, P15516PL2, P15516PL3, P15516PL4, P15516PW1, P15516PW2, P15516PW3, P15516PW4, P15516PI, P15516PIL1, P15516PIL2, P15516PIL3, P15516PIL4, P15516PIW1, P15516PIW2, P15516PIW3, P15516PIW4, P15520, P15520L1, P15520L2, P15520L3, P15520L4, P15520W1, P15520W2, P15520W3, P15520W4, P15520P, P15520PL1, P15520PL2, P15520PL3, P15520PL4, P15520PW1, P15520PW2, P15520PW3, P15520PW4, P15520PI, P15520PIL1, P15520PIL2, P15520PIL3, P15520PIL4, P15520PIW1, P15520PIW2, P15520PIW3, P15520PIW4, P15524, P15524L1, P15524L2, P15524L3, P15524L4, P15524W1, P15524W2, P15524W3, P15524W4, P15524P, P15524PL1, P15524PL2, P15524PL3, P15524PL4, P15524PW1, P15524PW2, P15524PW3, P15524PW4, P15524PI, P15524PIL1, P15524PIL2, P15524PIL3, P15524PIL4, P15524PIW1, P15524PIW2, P15524PIW3, P15524PIW4, P15540, P15540L1, P15540L2, P15540L3, P15540L4, P15540W1, P15540W2, P15540W3, P15540W4, P15540P, P15540PL1, P15540PL2, P15540PL3, P15540PL4, P15540PW1, P15540PW2, P15540PW3, P15540PW4, P15540PI, P15540PIL1, P15540PIL2, P15540PIL3, P15540PIL4, P15540PIW1, P15540PIW2, P15540PIW3, P15540PIW4, P15542, P15542L1, P15542L2, P15542L3, P15542L4, P15542W1, P15542W2, P15542W3, P15542W4, P15542P, P15542PL1, P15542PL2, P15542PL3, P15542PL4, P15542PW1, P15542PW2, P15542PW3, P15542PW4, P15542PI, P15542PIL1, P15542PIL2, P15542PIL3, P15542PIL4, P15542PIW1, P15542PIW2, P15542PIW3, P15542PIW4, P15546, P15546L1, P15546L2, P15546L3, P15546L4, P15546W1, P15546W2, P15546W3, P15546W4, P15546P, P15546PL1, P15546PL2, P15546PL3, P15546PL4, P15546PW1, P15546PW2, P15546PW3, P15546PW4, P15546PI, P15546PIL1, P15546PIL2, P15546PIL3, P15546PIL4, P15546PIW1, P15546PIW2, P15546PIW3, P15546PIW4, P15548, P15548L1, P15548L2, P15548L3, P15548L4, P15548W1, P15548W2, P15548W3, P15548W4, P15548P, P15548PL1, P15548PL2, P15548PL3, P15548PL4, P15548PW1, P15548PW2, P15548PW3, P15548PW4, P15548PI, P15548PIL1, P15548PIL2, P15548PIL3, P15548PIL4, P15548PIW1, P15548PIW2, P15548PIW3, P15548PIW4, P15552, P15552L1, P15552L2, P15552L3, P15552L4, P15552W1, P15552W2, P15552W3, P15552W4, P15552P, P15552PL1, P15552PL2, P15552PL3, P15552PL4, P15552PW1, P15552PW2, P15552PW3, P15552PW4, P15552PI, P15552PIL1, P15552PIL2, P15552PIL3, P15552PIL4, P15552PIW1, P15552PIW2, P15552PIW3, P15552PIW4, P15554, P15554L1, P15554L2, P15554L3, P15554L4, P15554W1, P15554W2, P15554W3, P15554W4, P15554P, P15554PL1, P15554PL2, P15554PL3, P15554PL4, P15554PW1, P15554PW2, P15554PW3, P15554PW4, P15554PI, P15554PIL1, P15554PIL2, P15554PIL3, P15554PIL4, P15554PIW1, P15554PIW2, P15554PIW3, P15554PIW4, P15558, P15558L1, P15558L2, P15558L3, P15558L4, P15558W1, P15558W2, P15558W3, P15558W4, P15558P, P15558PL1, P15558PL2, P15558PL3, P15558PL4, P15558PW1, P15558PW2, P15558PW3, P15558PW4, P15558PI, P15558PIL1, P15558PIL2, P15558PIL3, P15558PIL4, P15558PIW1, P15558PIW2, P15558PIW3, P15558PIW4, P15560, P15560L1, P15560L2, P15560L3, P15560L4, P15560W1, P15560W2, P15560W3, P15560W4, P15560P, P15560PL1, P15560PL2, P15560PL3, P15560PL4, P15560PW1, P15560PW2, P15560PW3, P15560PW4, P15560PI, P15560PIL1, P15560PIL2, P15560PIL3, P15560PIL4, P15560PIW1, P15560PIW2, P15560PIW3, P15560PIW4, P15564, P15564L1, P15564L2, P15564L3, P15564L4, P15564W1, P15564W2, P15564W3, P15564W4, P15564P, P15564PL1, P15564PL2, P15564PL3, P15564PL4, P15564PW1, P15564PW2, P15564PW3, P15564PW4, P15564PI, P15564PIL1, P15564PIL2, P15564PIL3, P15564PIL4, P15564PIW1, P15564PIW2, P15564PIW3, P15564PIW4, P15568, P15568L1, P15568L2, P15568L3, P15568L4, P15568W1, P15568W2, P15568W3, P15568W4, P15568P, P15568PL1, P15568PL2, P15568PL3, P15568PL4, P15568PW1, P15568PW2, P15568PW3, P15568PW4, P15568PI, P15568PIL1, P15568PIL2, P15568PIL3, P15568PIL4, P15568PIW1, P15568PIW2, P15568PIW3, P15568PIW4, P15574, P15574L1, P15574L2, P15574L3, P15574L4, P15574W1, P15574W2, P15574W3, P15574W4, P15574P, P15574PL1, P15574PL2, P15574PL3, P15574PL4, P15574PW1, P15574PW2, P15574PW3, P15574PW4, P15574PI, P15574PIL1, P15574PIL2, P15574PIL3, P15574PIL4, P15574PIW1, P15574PIW2, P15574PIW3, P15574PIW4, P15576, P15576L1, P15576L2, P15576L3, P15576L4, P15576W1, P15576W2, P15576W3, P15576W4, P15576P, P15576PL1, P15576PL2, P15576PL3, P15576PL4, P15576PW1, P15576PW2, P15576PW3, P15576PW4, P15576PI, P15576PIL1, P15576PIL2, P15576PIL3, P15576PIL4, P15576PIW1, P15576PIW2, P15576PIW3, P15576PIW4, P15578, P15578L1, P15578L2, P15578L3, P15578L4, P15578W1, P15578W2, P15578W3, P15578W4, P15578P, P15578PL1, P15578PL2, P15578PL3, P15578PL4, P15578PW1, P15578PW2, P15578PW3, P15578PW4, P15578PI, P15578PIL1, P15578PIL2, P15578PIL3, P15578PIL4, P15578PIW1, P15578PIW2, P15578PIW3, P15578PIW4, P15582, P15582L1, P15582L2, P15582L3, P15582L4, P15582W1, P15582W2, P15582W3, P15582W4, P15582P, P15582PL1, P15582PL2, P15582PL3, P15582PL4, P15582PW1, P15582PW2, P15582PW3, P15582PW4, P15582PI, P15582PIL1, P15582PIL2, P15582PIL3, P15582PIL4, P15582PIW1, P15582PIW2, P15582PIW3, P15582PIW4, P15590, P15590L1, P15590L2, P15590L3, P15590L4, P15590W1, P15590W2, P15590W3, P15590W4, P15590P, P15590PL1, P15590PL2, P15590PL3, P15590PL4, P15590PW1, P15590PW2, P15590PW3, P15590PW4, P15590PI, P15590PIL1, P15590PIL2, P15590PIL3, P15590PIL4, P15590PIW1, P15590PIW2, P15590PIW3, P15590PIW4, P15592, P15592L1, P15592L2, P15592L3, P15592L4, P15592W1, P15592W2, P15592W3, P15592W4, P15592P, P15592PL1, P15592PL2, P15592PL3, P15592PL4, P15592PW1, P15592PW2, P15592PW3, P15592PW4, P15592PI, P15592PIL1, P15592PIL2, P15592PIL3, P15592PIL4, P15592PIW1, P15592PIW2, P15592PIW3, P15592PIW4, P15594, P15594L1, P15594L2, P15594L3, P15594L4, P15594W1, P15594W2, P15594W3, P15594W4, P15594P, P15594PL1, P15594PL2, P15594PL3, P15594PL4, P15594PW1, P15594PW2, P15594PW3, P15594PW4, P15594PI, P15594PIL1, P15594PIL2, P15594PIL3, P15594PIL4, P15594PIW1, P15594PIW2, P15594PIW3, P15594PIW4



  • Solid Front SAFECASE
  • 0.5% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Pressure Ranges, Vacuum – 20,000 psi
  • Dry or Liquid Filled
  • Adjustable Micrometer Pointer
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Hydraulic
  • Commercial

Additional information

Spec accuracy

.5% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)


Aluminum- Removable


1/4, 1/2 NPT- Lower Mount


Meets/Exceeds ASME B40.100


Aluminum, Black Painted, Micro Adjustable


Lower Mount

Vent plug

Fill Plug


.5% of Full Scale (ASME Grade A)




P15 Series

Dial color

Black Markings on White

Dial size


Pressure ranges

VAC/Compound to 20,000 psi



Standard case fill



Safety Glass


Stainless Steel

Dial sizes


Ambient temperature

Dry -40 to 180

Internal material

Copper Alloy or 316S Stainless Steel

Tube socket

Copper Alloy or 316ss

Standard scale

Single Scale Psi


see variation page